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Need Web Design in India? Contact us today and get your job done! More and more web design is being outsourced to India – why? 3 Reasons to outsource your web design to India Great talent available at a fraction of regular rates Large pool of talent to choose from Access resources not internally available 3 Reasons NOT to outsource your web design to India Communication barriers Mismatched expectations and delays Poor quality of work: short term savings – long term cost Outsourcing can be a minefield, and that’s why we’re here. Our offshore developers allow us to offer massive cost savings whilst our management team provide the boutique level responsive service and range of expertise that your project deserves. […]

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CMS Development

What is a CMS? A CMS is a Content Management System. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and osCommerce are 4 popular PHP content management systems that we work with. A CMS at minimum provides you with a user friendly means of managing your site and it’s content. CMS Development Depending on the requirements for your CMS development project, there are two directions to consider: Take an existing CMS, and build on it to meet your needs. Taking WordPress as an example, the possibilities and options for modification are infinite. This is achieved through the development of themes and plugins. There is really no limit to the customization that’s achievable with most popular CMSs and so bespoke CMS development is usually reserved for a project where the majority of functionality would need to be manually built irrespective of existing code and modules. If your needs aren’t reasonably met by an existing CMS, then it may be more time and cost effective to build a CMS from the ground up. With this route, you also get to put exactly what features you want, where you want. We have a base framework that we usually build start our CMS development with. It contains the basics for rich page and text creation, article creation and SEO friendly URL management. In reality, the term ‘CMS’ has been stretched to cover frameworks and beyond. Whilst strictly speaking a CMS is any system that allows content to be managed, the term also describes fully fledged online site management and development platforms. […]