So I’ve had my eyes on the Pololu robot for some time. Here’s a video of it automatically following a track!

Having done that, I decided to add line following ability to the larger robot. It’s quite a simple circuit and fits in nicely with my arduino experimentation. I have a strip of high power LEDs with a pot to trim the brightness. Underneath that, I have 5 light sensitive resistors, reasonably well spaced apart and separated by card. The theory here is that the light sensitive resistor¬† that is over the black line will have less resistance than the others, and using that, we can work out whether we need to move more to the left or the right.

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Pololu with XBEE Manual ControlThe 5 analog inputs are fed to the Arduino chip, which converts them to digital output and passes it to the board over USB serial. From there we can write a simple algorithm to control movement.

I then decided to go ahead and test the new XBEE chips for wireless communication. They really are plug and play.. Here’s another video –