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PHP Developer – Loops in General

There are 3 types of loop in PHP: while (condition) { code_goes_here; } do { code_goes_here; } while (condition); for(expr1, expr2, expr3) { code_goes_here; } In terms of the ‘for’ loop above, ‘expr1’ being the starting expression, i.e. $i=0. expr2 being the condition that must be satisfied to keep the loop running, i.e. $i < 100. expr3 being the expression evaluated each time the loop runs, i.e. $i++. Each loop type has it’s uses. […]

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Freelance PHP Programmer – Managing Estimates

Dealing on larger projects and mediating between my PHP development team and the Client is often a far simpler task than acting as a sole freelancer. Having a very good and reliable team of 12 long term offshore PHP programmers, means that I now have sufficient confidence that I could theoretically just pass their overall estimates straight on to the Client without issue. Even still, I add at least 10% to the PHP developer’s estimates as well as subtracting at least 10% from the Client’s final delivery date. If we’re all happy and can agree on those deadlines, great. This allows for a comfort period for us, as well as the ability to iron out bugs and perform good QA on anything delivered. […]

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Easy Reverse Engineering

Compiling a program doesn’t protect it or necessarily hide the source. Take the following example C program. It serves no real life purpose and should never print anything to the console: #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { const char *password = “secretpassword”; const char *otherpassword = “othersecretpassword”; if(!strcmp(password, otherpassword)) { printf(“This will never get evaluated”); } return 0; } To assemble the code using gcc -S test.c leaves test.s. The important point being that all strings remain intact: […]

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