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brctl: Creating a network bridge

Creating a layer 2 ethernet bridge under Debian (or Linux in general really) is incredibly easy, as are most things. What a L2 bridge actually is, is outside the scope of this guide, however Google has plenty of information. Essentially, ethernet frames are mirrored between the two interfaces, therefore what Layer 3 protocol data (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc) is within the ethernet frame is irrelevant. Anyway, back to the point.. In case you don’t have the package, apt-get install bridge-utils and you’ll also need bridge support in your kernel, however unless you specifically removed it, you should have it. […]

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Simple text sorting

On the command line we have a number of powerful tools available to us. I’m going to cover some text sorting methods here. I have a file called ‘testfile’ within this file is the following: test:~# cat testfile line1 line3 abcdefg test line9 this is a test test file test […]

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