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Linux and the Huawei HSDPA 3G E220 modem for mobile broadband

Installing the Huawei E220 modem under Linux is so so easy. Probably easier than running through the Windows XP Setup tool actually! Prerequisites: 1. Kernel version equal to or greater than 2.6.20 (There are workarounds availble for older kernels) 2. wvdial (You can use any serial dialer I guess) […]

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Linux PPTP (Poptop) VPN Setup with MPPE and MPPC

Here’s a quick guide that I write as I’m setting up PPTP/MPPE/MPPC on a Linux server. My preferred VPN technology is OpenVPN mainly because it’s so quick and easy to set up and use, however in some cases PPTP is required chiefly when the Client wants to use the inbuilt Windows VPN capabilities rather than having to deploy 3rd party software. My server is a Debian (of course) etch machine, with 2.6.24 (from source) kernel. My client is Windows XP Pro SP3. […]

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