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Split access SSH problems

So far everything works flawlessly, all applications, protocols and service with the split access setup, but I have a strange bug with SSH, and it only affects SSH clients built on openssl, such as dropbear and openssh. After authentication, it just hangs, and running in verbose mode shows that it seems to fail upon attempting to resize the tcp window. Only fails occasionally, when it receives no acknowledgement from the server. After much digging, I only had minimal success getting to the bottom of the issue, but the following hack fixed the issue: […]

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Custom linux router, routing, split access and more..

So, now I have got this router set up and working, it was time to customize it somewhat. In terms of networking, we have 3 10/100 ethernet ports and one wireless adapter, and this is set up as follows: Internet comes in to eth1 and eth2, both of which have public IPs. eth0 which is another ethernet interface is bridged with ath0 which is my wireless interface (in master mode, with WPA-PSK/TKIP with hostap running) to form br-lan, whos IP is is connected via a switch to feed the LAN PCs I’m using a pretty simple netfilter masquerade script in use with this for NAT. […]

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Linux device names & mounting

Recently I came across an annoying issue. I have three identical Seagate USB mass storage devices, plugged in to a debian etch 4.0 stable (2.6.18) machine. I could add those devices and mount points to /etc/fstab, but upon reboot, the /dev/sdX device names would change and therefore the drives would get mounted in the wrong place and bad things would happen. To summarize, “drive1” would appear as /dev/sdb on one boot, but on another boot, “drive1” would appear as /dev/sdc with “drive2” appearing as /dev/sdb. There are two options here, use the drive serial numbers and some UDEV trickery to ensure that a particular drive gets the same device name each time, but I wasn’t so sure about that. […]

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