Attention: Freelance writers, editors, graphic designers, coders, photographers, virtual assistants and other self-employed service providers:

"Be Professional. Credible. Likable.
Build An Online Presence That
Helps You Get Clients!"

Dear Savvy Freelancer,

Could you be losing clients without even knowing it? If your professional website - or lack of one - is not attracting possible clients and making them practically fall in love with you, then you're losing out.

When a possible client Googles your name, they better like what they see. Heaven forbid the first link is to Flickr pictures of your last drinking spree! Or a free online portfolio that shows your work samples and not much else. Or maybe you do have a professional website, with your own domain name and hosting, but few of your visitors are impressed enough to explore the possibility of working with you.

It's not enough for your website or portfolio to simply tell the facts about you, your skills and your expertise. It has to get potential clients excited to work with you!

This is key to having a steady stream of clients who are willing to pay your rates and refer more clients to you.

Because I now have more clients than I can handle, I no longer market my services. But it wasn't always like this. I remember being an absolute beginning freelancer with no idea where to find clients. I joined a mastermind group of home-based Mompreneurs, and the first advice they gave me was to set up my professional website.

"One of the most important tools that you can put into action for your business is a well-designed, carefully written and smartly organized website."

Kelly McCausey
The Complete Internet Marketing Moms Start Up Guide
Kelly's right. Your professional website is the central hub of all your marketing efforts:

You will be using your website address or URL for your:
  • Email signatures
  • profile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • signature line on online forums
  • comments on blogs
  • author's resource box in article directories
  • both paid and free advertising
  • and many more!
As you can see, your website is the center of your marketing strategies. Imagine what a disaster it would be if you didn't have an effective, client getting website!

At first I thought I had a pretty neat website... until I looked at my stats. Out of the number of people arriving at my site, very few were actually contacting me. How disappointing. But I couldn't find enough help on how to make my site better. So for several months, I tweaked and reviewed my website without much guidance. I had to figure out for myself what really works.

Keep in mind, I'm no guru. But I must be doing something right, because the number of my clients has grown even as I continued to increase my rates! 

One of the best compliments I've received was from a potential client who said, "Reading your site really made me happy." Would you like to have a website that makes your possible clients happy, too? (And, yes, he did hire me)

I share everything I know about creating an effective professional website in "The Savvy Freelancer's Website Secrets: How to Create A Client Magnet Online." You won't find all this information in one place anywhere on the Web or in a printed book. I spill the beans in this guide because I'm a teacher at heart (and like to give unsolicited advice).

In this action-packed, step-by-step guide, you will learn:

 The number 1 mistake most freelancers make, which makes them look cheap and unprofessional...
 Which pages your professional website absolutely must have so your prospective clients know, like and trust you...
 How to write content on your site so that your ideal clients will do what you want them to do...
 How to stay in your prospects' minds - even if they don't hire you right away...
 The essential element that should be on each and every page of your website so that your prospective clients don't click away too soon...
 and many more!

And if you've never built a website before, don't worry.
This guide shows you how you can do it easily. I'll even let you in on how you can have a site installed for you at no extra cost other than web hosting and domain name registration (which is equal to a few cups of coffee). All you have to do is pick a look for your site and write your client getting content.

But, Lexi, I Already Have A Website!

That's great - you'll have less work ahead of you. Use the guide to review and tweak your website. I'm sure you'll find my copywriting tips useful, too. You'll be surprised how little it takes to make a big difference.

Plus, once you've learned the skills in this guide you can easily create other kinds of websites. (Tip: You can start charging other freelancers to set up their websites for them.)

All this for only $19 $9.50! (Sale price until November 8, 2011 only)

So, are you ready to experience greater freelancing success? Click "Add to cart" to download your special report in minutes:

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Add to Cart: "The Savvy Freelancer's Website Secrets" for $19 $9.50

If You Can Follow These Simple Steps
Then You Can Have A Website That Makes Clients WANT To Hire You!

I have to warn you: this special report isn't for everybody. It's only for those who are serious about becoming a savvy, successful freelancer and are willing to work for it. If you're one of those who want something for nothing, then please close this window right now.

I urge you to read this page thoroughly and watch the video - it shows you exactly what's inside the report.

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Add to Cart: "The Savvy Freelancer's Website Secrets" for $19 $9.50

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40 WordPress Themes ($27 value)

  • choose from 2 or 3 columns
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"The Savvy Freelancer's Website Secrets: How To Create A Client Magnet Online"
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That's 30 days to test this special report - all the risk is on me. I don't think I could be any more fair than that!

Use the guide and begin seeing the results, or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!


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Add to Cart: "The Savvy Freelancer's Website Secrets" for $19 $9.50


To Your Freelancing Success,

The Savvy Freelancer 

PS: The longer you wait, the more clients you could lose. Grab this guide right now and learn how you can win the hearts of your ideal clients the next time they Google you! Click the "Add To Cart" button below to download your guide in minutes.

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Add to Cart: "The Savvy Freelancer's Website Secrets" for $19 $9.50

About the Author

Alexis Rodrigo is an avid reader, blogger and information junkie. She stumbled into freelance writing shortly after leaving her full-time job in UNICEF. Within a month of freelancing, Lexi began making enough grocery money for her family of five. That experience motivated Lexi to start freelance writing seriously.

Today, Lexi has more clients than she can handle. Lexi has even hired a virtual assistant and is looking at growing her team so that she will never have to turn away another ideal client again. She still doesn't have or use business cards and is no longer actively marketing her services. 

Impressed by the amount of potential she sees in freelancing, Lexi has made it her mission to work with other freelancers to bring the freedom in freelancing.

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