Fully Automatic Wireless Hacking Station


WiFi AutoPwn – I built and developed a wireless security project demonstrating some of the insecurities in the way that wireless networking is used. The large scale deployment of wireless (802.11b/g/n) capabilities and the implicit trust model that most wireless stacks are built on prompted this proof of concept project. I also located a number of flaws in the Apple IOS running at the time. Although my report received no official acknowledgement, a couple of the flaws were resolved in the next update. I received written interest from a large vulnerability research firm in obtaining a copy of this project



Tundeep is a layer 2 VPN/injection tool used for pen testing that resides [almost] entirely in user space on the victim aside from the pcap requirement. The purpose of the tool is to allow an attacker to tunnel through a network at layer 2. A separate TAP interface will be brought up on the attackers machine for each compromised layer of the network allowing direct interaction with hosts on the network segment through a compromised victim.